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You Were Never Really Here

Spoilers! Joaquin Phoenix stars in an incredible movie about an unstable veteran with a tendency for violence and a twisted moral compass, sadly this isn't that movie. You Were Never Really Here is strangely similar in plot to two movies, Taxi Driver and The Master, the movie I reference just a moment ago. What is... Continue Reading →


Spoilers Denis Villeneuve is quickly becoming one of my favorite directors, with Blade Runner 2049 being my favorite film of 2017 as well as really enjoying Arrival the year prior. I figured I should watch one of his earlier feature films, and Polytechnique was the easiest to watch. A semi-fictional, dramatized retelling of the Montreal... Continue Reading →

What We Do in the Shadows

I'm gonna keep this one short because there isn't really a lot to analyse or criticize about this movie. What We Do in the Shadows is the hilarious mock-umentary by Jemaine Clement of Flight of the Concords fame and his long time friend Taiki Waititi who recently-ish directed Thor: Ragnarok and Hunt for the Wilderpeople.... Continue Reading →

Grey Gardens

Grey Gardens documents a summer that Albert Maysles, and his brother David, spent with two women living in their disgusting, dilapidated mansion. These aren't just any women either, Edith Beale and her daughter Edith "Little Edie" Beale were the affluent relatives of Jacqueline Kennedy. I do think this movie loses a bit of its luster... Continue Reading →

The Legend of the Drunken Master

Also known as Drunken Master II, this Jackie Chan martial arts spectacle film is exciting, beautifully choreographed and filmed, but drags when the story tries to becomes the center of attention. Drunken Master II is lauded as one of Jackie Chan's best movies, and its easy to see why. With all the impressive, sometimes dangerous... Continue Reading →


SPOILERS Skip to the end for a quick spoiler free recommendation After finishing Woody Allen's Manhattan I immediately realized, I had been deftly fooled by every character, and I loved it! This movie is very good at stringing you along, just as many of the characters are strung along by one another throughout the film.... Continue Reading →


Preah Khan Temple, Angkor, Cambodia Tokyo, Japan Ganges River, India Caipo Village, Para, Brazil Rio De Janero, Brazil I needed to start this review with just a few stills from the movie. I think they are enough of an endorsement on their own, of this films quality and beauty, to make someone want to watch... Continue Reading →

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

SPOILERS! I greatly enjoyed the first hour of this movie, although I feel as it got more confrontational the coherence, and subsequently my enjoyment, significantly suffered. I know this movie is and was originally a play and its pretty obvious just based on how the pacing of the film works. I don't really feel like... Continue Reading →

Gosford Park

SPOILERS Dreadfully boring!! The movie portrays the reveal of who-dunnit as if you care for any of the characters but there’s just not a reason to. This movie was terrible, all the characters sucked and while the actors played them well it’s like each character was an extra in a different movie. And I don't... Continue Reading →

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