Under The Skin

This review contains spoilers!

Under the Skin got under my skin at times with how fucking creepy it was and sadly with how boring it got. I really really enjoyed the first 45 minutes with Scarlett Johansson luring men into her dark goo pit. It almost felt like a weird documentary and it made me very uneasy and Scar Jo’s performance was incredible during these scenes, she would go from bright and cheery trying to lure the men to her van to cold and uncaring once she realized someone wasn’t alone.

Once she meets and tries to “capture” the deformed man it became exponentially uncomfortable. This was also an obvious turning point for Scarlett Johansson’s character and I felt its really where the story starts. However I wish the story hadn’t ever started because it really started to drag for a while, at least up to the point where she has sex with The Quiet Man (I believe that was his “name”). When she freaks out checking her vagina it really felt like a reversal of the scene with the 2 men she “captured” when they are floating in the goo watching each other.

It becomes obvious this role reversal is the theme of the final act once she meets the creepy Logger character. The end was, weird, again an obvious Role Reversal where she has become the one taken advantage of and killed. Just before she is burned alive though she has a strange moment of reflection to show that she knew she was in the wrong and deserved no less than to have a torturous death like her very own victims. At least that’s how I interpreted it.

Overall I think that the first 45ish minutes/the first act of this movie was far and away the strongest part. Scarlett Johansson’s acting was great and the vibes were just what I wanted. While the rest of the movie was fine, it just didn’t make me feel, in any way, nearly as strongly as my feeling of disgust and unease was during the movie’s first act.


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